Thugs Mug was inspired by my own personal event

I was riding my motorcycle alone when a group of thugs attempted to motorcycle jack me. They chased me through town and populated neighborhoods at times reaching speeds in excess of 80 mph. Their pursuit of me was relentless going against traffic, ignoring stop signs, and running red lights. About 20 minutes into the chase, I crashed in front of a residence. I quickly jumped up, threw my hands in the air in an attempt to diffuse the situation. The thugs charged me, ripped my helmet off and knocked me out with a blow to the head. While I was on the ground they kicked me several times in the face and head causing great damage. Several homeowners witnessed the brutal attack, but could only recall limited details of the vehicle and my attackers. With no good evidence these Thugs are still at large.

Reflecting back I wish I could have captured a picture of them the moment I jumped up from the crash. I had immediately grabbed my phone from my back pocket and had it in my hand when I was assaulted however, my phone did nothing more than block a few blows. With Thugs Mug I could have instantly snapped their picture, or prevented them from continuing their assault for fear of getting caught. Even if they had taken my phone and destroyed it, the pictures would have already been automatically sent to my emergency contact. Thankfully, I survived the attack and have healed from the physical wounds. My emotional wounds were my motivation for creating Thugs Mug as a way to fight back!

My goal is simple: Prevent Thugs from victimizing us and our loved ones!

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